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Home Cure For Hemorrhoids – Clear Away Your Piles Permanently

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids in their normal physiological state exist inside the anal canal to help with stool control, acting as cushions aiding the passage of stools. It is only when they become inflamed and swollen that they become a problem and become “piles”. Internal piles cause rectal bleeding and are usually painless, where as external “piles” cause considerable pain and discomfort in the anal area.

What causes inflamed Hemorrhoids or “Piles”

There are several factors that can influence the development of piles:

  • Constipation or Diarrhea
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition ( Low fibre diet)
  • Prolonged straining
  • Pregnancy
  • Genetics
  • Aging
  • Obesity
  • Sitting for long periods of time.

What can I do to prevent getting Piles?

The most effective way to prevent the development of piles is to:

  • Make sure to keep stools soft in order to pass them easily. Drink plenty of water.
  • Empty your bowels as soon as possible when you get the urge.
  • Exercise more, especially walking.
  • Increase the fibre content in your diet.
  • Refrain from straining to make yourself go.

What about treatments for piles?

There are several conseravtive treatments for piles from simple things like increasing dietary fibre, drinking more fluids to stay hydrated, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Sitz baths and plain old rest. Suppositories have been shown to be very un-effective, Preparation “H” may relieve symptoms for a while, but prolonged use is not recommended because of skin irritation.

As a last resort there is always surgery , but many of these procedures are painful, have only a partial success rate, and require some time off work to recuperate .

Are there any natural treatments for Piles?

You could try

  • Bioflavids ,a plant compound which can relieve the discomfort, pain and bleeding.
  • Butcher’s Broom, a plant that has anti-inflammatory properties, Capsules or tea.
  • Horse Chestnut, capsules or tea.
  • Triphala, A compound of three fruits, which gently relieves constipation………

Unfortunately none of these techniques will permanently rid you of those painful piles.

You would be better advised to use a proven 5 step holistic method, invented by a former chronic Hemorrhoids sufferer, that not only will give you quick relief from the itching, pain and bleeding, but will also cure your piles permanently. Yes I said permanently. For Ever. Guaranteed. Don’t put it off until tomorrow, take action NOW. Click Here for Free Instant Access

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About the author: Hi Kim here from Bristol England UK.


Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you lose weight fast and effectively?
    I was wanting to go on a fasting diet but i don’t no how. I thought it might be a good way to lose weight if i only eat like one time a day. I want to lose weight fast because i think my weight is making me depressed. I lost 20 pounds over the summer but now that its fall/winter again i’m afraid to gain it all back and i would still like to lose more. I’m not skinny at all. I am about 190 pounds and just want to lose it. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are really looking how to lose weight fast,

      I suggest doing what this mom did and combining the Acai diet with a cleansing program for the best result

    How do you lose weight fast and efficiently?
    I’m 13, 5’7 (shoe size of 13, totally irrelevant), but I already weigh around 77kg. I think I weigh a bit over, is there anyways I can lose weight fast and will not gain it back fast. Or at least, is there anyways I can make myself look skinner.

    • ANSWER:
      Any method of losing weight fast usually means that you will lose a lot of water weight which will come back quickly. That said, instead of dieting per say, you should permanently change your eating habits. Eat smaller portions of nutritious, well balanced meals 4-5 times a day instead of 3 large meals. Make sure you are getting enough protein (which means eating meat, chicken, fish, soy, dairy, eggs, etc).

      Try adding some exercise to your daily routine. Even just a 30 minute walk or run 3-7 times a week will do you some good. The weight will come off slowly but surely and will stay off if you continue to maintain this lifestyle.

      Skip out on the high sugar snacks like chocolate bars and candy.

    How to lose weight fast without a harsh diet?
    I am 168cm tall and 60kg. I like my curves and I know I’m not fat, but I don’t like my fat thighs and I have a little fat on my stomach, which is why I want to lose weight. Do you think I need to lose weight? If I lose weight would my breasts go smaller? How can I lose weight as fast, healthy and permanent as possible? (other than diet pills and stuff like that)

    • ANSWER:
      The most effective exercise for losing weight is cardio, specifically running or jogging. As for diet, depending on your age and metabolism, it may not take much diet. Just cut back on obviously fattening items like soda (which has no nutritional value), Fast food, etc. Of course, eating out is acceptable bi-weekly or even weekly, depending on where you go. Lastly, on top of running at least 2 times a week, target the areas that you want to lose weight in with excersises.

      PS – Your breast may reduce in size, but not dramatically and will be more shapely

    How to lose weight fast by exercising?
    I weight 170 LBS and i need to lose about 40 LBS. I need tips from those of you out there that know how to exercise well by losing weights fast. What kinds of food do i need to avoid and what kinds do i need to eat. What sorts of exercise do i need to do at the gym etc..
    Also, if you know any good diet pills out there, let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      No smoking, no beer/ale, no booze, no drugs, no junk food, no fast food garbage, no sugary sweet soda’s. Get on a good, healthy, balanced diet including plenty of boiled or steamed vegetables. Drink plenty of water, fruit juices & fat free milk. Snack on lots of RAW fruit & veggies. Get up one hour early every morning & take a BRISK 30 minute walk – then – do the same thing again in the evening after dinner. Make sure you eat a good, balanced breakfast daily. You get your energy for the day from your breakfast meal. Get a good 8 hours sleep each nite. Flip your mattress over so it will level out to give you a good nite’s rest. As time permits, work in sit ups, push ups, pull ups & skipping rope. Within 90 days you will be amazed. But – you must make a commitment to YOURSELF to make improvements – or – it aint gonna happen.

My Moobs are Becoming Pecs and I am Over One Belt Size Smaller ...

How to Eliminate Man Boobs (Moobs, Gynecomastia) Without Surgery

If you suffer from Gynecomastia (also called Moobs or Man Boobs), you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 3.5 million men in the UK alone is suffering from this condition. Gynecomastia/Gynaecomastia is a medical condition that causes the breast tissue in men to grow. This often results in unwanted chest fat, puffy nipples and developed breasts in men. It can cause embarrassment and loss of confidence, but fortunately help is now at hand without surgery.

Without resorting to expensive and painful gynecomastia surgery, men who suffer from man boobs (moobs) can now wear specialist compressions garments especially designed for Gynecomastia. This is a far cry from the infamous male bra (or “The Bro), which basically is a standard bra for men.

Gynecomastia compression garments can help anyone suffering from this condition. One company selling such garments is Firm51 UK. Judging by the customer’s feedback on their website, it’s quite clear that these specialist garments really work. Quite a few of the comments mentions how the t-shirts and vests have transformed their lives and restored their confidence. The garments look like regular t-shirts and vests, so only the user know they’re wearing a specialist garment for man boobs.

About the author: EM Ritchie is the CEO at Firm51, UK’s premier seller of compression garments for men with Gynecomastia (Moobs, Man Boobs). The powerful Compression T-shirts and Vests offers maximum compression for a flat and smooth chest and restored confidence. With fast and FREE world wide shipping, you can get your gynecomastia shirt quickly wherever you are, and start to look and feel great!


Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you get rid of man boobs (moobs)?
    im fine with my stomich its just that my man boobs are pretty big….how do you lose those cause its gottten to the point where im embarassed to take my shirt off infront of friends/family

    • ANSWER:
      pushups and eat well

    when will i lose my man boobs/ moobs?
    right now i am 12 turning 13 in March. i weigh 95 pounds and i am 4’10.the problem is i have man boobs. there really annoying because today was the first day of school and a lot of people noticed them and said i should were a bra as a joke. they dont really care but i really hate them[moobs]. when will i lose them?

    • ANSWER:
      During puberty, if you grow taller and are not overweight, they should reduce in size.

      Lots of guys have them. It’s part of life. Try to wear shirts that do NOT cling to your body. And wear an undershirt. This will help make them not so noticeable.

      Very important to exercise — try to find some exercises that will develop your chest muscles. Then you will lose fat there and have a better appearance.

    How to lose man boobs or moobs?
    Hi I just turned 15 and I have had moobs for awhile but they have decreased in size as I’ve gotten older but I still have them. I work out everyday and for the past week been working on incline Benching with free weights and the bar plus 25 pounds
    Ok each side will they go away if I continue this or should I do push ups Also or crunches too and will they go away with age

    • ANSWER:
      as you continue your height growth to approximately age 18, your body mass will redistribute to accomodate the added height increase ….and the moobs will disappear ….so its time that is the major factor, as you already have seen as you have gotten older…..BUT the fact that you’re working out now will help that growth to look really defined and good at the end.

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How to Get Rid of Man Boobs And Natural Remedies For Reduce Big Man Boobs

Did you know that up to 40% of men is report to have man boobs or to have had man boobs at some tip in their life?It may sound incredible, but it is in fact true. Most males get distended breasts during puberty or teenage years, but they more often than not go away after a year or two.For some unsuccessful men, the man boobs stay with them for ever.One alternative to surgery for eradicate man boobs is exercising. A mixture of weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises is best.

Unless a man is intentionally going for a sex change, men do not want “man boobs” and even feel self-conscious at the mention of the words if they have them. Man boobs occur for two main reasons.

Causes Man Boobs

Man Boobs, usually known as Gynecomastia, is more common than one might think. In fact, an estimated 15 million men in the United States, or 15% of the United States male population, in fact has Gynecomastia. Man boobs can occur in males at any age, starting at birth.

Symptoms of Man Boobs

Males are born with both androgen and estrogen hormones. Androgens help to create the male characteristics such as hair growth, deepness of voice and size of muscles, while estrogens are to blame for the creation of female characteristics.

Treatment for Man Boobs

Thermo-X Blend: This excellent fat loss accelerator burns up fatty deposits to produce energy and endurance.

About Author
Read more on Increase Breast Cup Size and Male Breast Massage and Reduce Cellulite


Frequently Asked Questions

    I have man boobs and am trying hard to get rid of them with little success, any tips?
    I regularly go to the gym, managed to lose the gut, but little success with my man boobs. What are some effective exercises and routines for man boobs? Any diet tips?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it’s time for you to purchase your first bra.

    Is it possible to lose slight man boobs and small belly in a month?
    I lifted weights at a young age and as a result I have chest muscle but now with excess fat around the nipple area. My stomach isn’t that big just a little extra fat on it. I’m gonna start running for about 60-80 minutes a day and lift some weights. In a month would by man boobs be gone?
    Oh by the way, I am five foot six and weigh 122 pounds.

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve got 2 out of the 3 elements correct to lose your man boobs.

      The one you’re missing is a change in diet. Check out to find out how to get this area right. With all 3, you’ll drop your man boobs in a matter of weeks.

    How to turn man boobs to pecks without bench press in gym?
    Hello Im 17 I recently joined gym I take protein and creatine I could really use with turning these. Little man boobs into pecks but I dnt feel comfortable using a bench is there any other way help !!!

    • ANSWER:
      Keep hitting the weights and they will go away. Until then, just cover them up.

      Go to a website like where you can get a t shirt that hides your manboobs. I have four of them and they work great.

      I am just like you but I do not want to exercise. I actually hate to exercise.

      Go to a website like where you can get a t shirt that hides your mamboobs. I have four of them and they work great.

    What is the best way to lower man boobs?
    I am 17 and weight 160. I am athletic, however, i had been bothered all my life with my man boobs. Some people say its better to bench press and push-ups, but some say it just bigger them up. Could you advice me with any specific exercise? Should I keep on with my push-ups and basketball?

    • ANSWER:
      You do have some options.

      - Inclined chest press will tighten the chest while building muscle to fill in the loose, fatty skin.
      - eating Turmeric (a spice that’s in the ginger family) will balance hormones to decrease nipple puffyness and help you burn remaining chest fat.
      - Do 20 minutes of intense cardio (no more, no less) every day.
      - Avoid soy protein & marijuana (they raise estrogen levels)
      - obviously avoid fatty foods.

      The source link below has many more helpful hints including step by step instruction on getting rid of Gynecomastia naturally.

    Is Metabolife or Hydroxycut the better product to help with getting rid of man boobs and stomach fat?
    Serious answers only. I want to lose like 10 pounds in my stomach and my man boobs. I am 6’3, 190 pounds. When I do chest excerises it seems to only makes them worse.

    • ANSWER:
      never tried the new metabolife, but I have tried the older one that came out in like 2000, i had the greatest results then again that had the ingrediant of ephedra, and I had some trouble sleeping. Try drinking 3 cups of green tea a day, it helps burn fat.

    How to lose more weight after losing a lot, and man boobs?
    I just lost 75 pounds and are now between 200 and 210. I need help with what more i need to do since i have hit a plateau and have stopped losing the weight. Also what exercise would be best to help get rid of man boobs?

    • ANSWER:

tips on how to lose weight | Free diet plans for women

Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast and Effortlessly

Being overweight can be a great burden and finding a way to get back to a normal and healthy weight can make a big difference in your life. The consequences of excess weight include lack of energy, loss of self esteem and confidence just to name a few. Unfortunately there are many conflicting and contradictory approaches to weight loss being taught out there and it can get confusing as to which approaches really work. Here are a few tips to help you get on the road to losing fat and staying thin.

Tip 1: Eat less more often

This may sound contradictory to eat more often in order to lose weight however starvation based diets rarely work. This is because when you starve yourself your overall metabolism which is your bodies fat burning capacity diminishes. However if you eat smaller portions more frequently your metabolism should stay at a higher rate so even though you are consuming more calories you body burns it off much easier.

Tip 2: Add muscle to your body

Muscle is a powerful weapon in the battle against fat. The best way to add muscle is to weight train. You can join a gym and take some personal training sessions to get familiar with the exercises. There are also many useful home gyms you can buy that can give you fantastic weight training benefits right from the comfort of your home. Even starting out with a simple bench and set of dumbbells can be great until you need more weight as your body gets stronger.

Tip 3: Do aerobics regularly

Many people work jobs where they are seated idle for long hours and not very active, If you are not physically active then this can hurt your health in many ways and can also lead to obesity. Aerobic exercise can be done in many ways including jogging, running or even walking. Many people prefer walking as it is the least stressful on your joints. Golf is a great game where you can walk and have fun at the same time so consider taking it up as it offers many benefits.

Tip 4: Eat more alkaline foods

Green colored foods are considered alkaline like broccoli and spinach. These kinds of foods help reduce acidity in your body which promotes fat loss and better overall health. You may even want to consider a green food supplement as they can help you get concentrated nutrition quickly as it can be difficult to consume enough whole green foods that your body needs.

Tip 5: Stay motivated

Setting goals is a great way to monitor your progress and can help you stay on track. Decide how much weight you would like to lose 1 month and then 3 months from now and write them down. A goal like losing 10 pounds a month is fair and can be attained. Review your goals daily to help keep your mind on target. Also connect with the benefits that losing weight and staying thin offers like more energy, greater confidence, less sickness and such. Try following some of these weight loss tips to help you stay thin and healthy.

About the author: Joseph is an online researcher, author and a regular contributor to a health and fitness site. Visit us to get useful natural health tips and also be sure to stop by and learn about some effective weight loss tips to help you manage your weight better.


Frequently Asked Questions

    I really would love to lose some weight before the summer! How, any tips??!?
    I don’t think I’m that overweight, but I don’t feel confident enough to wear a bikini just yet! Any tips on losing weight fast? (:

    • ANSWER:
      The formula for losing weight is easy – consume less food and exercise more – the problems surface when we really try to put that into operation! There are loads of stumbling blocks out there don’t you think?! I discovered some splendid help by checking out the web portal in the box below, they have loads of tips and tricks, I worked off 7 pounds by following their techniques.

how to lose weight fast with exercise | Free diet plans for women

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Fast – Back to Basics

If you are looking for healthy ways to lose weight fast, you have to go back to the basics. Healthy methods of weight loss can be found there. Typically, people like to buy gadgets, equipment, and take part in fad diets. These methods may work quickly, but their results can be short lived if you are unable to continue to use the radical methods of living they ask of you.

When it comes to fad diets, they are called that for a reason. One quick glance at this list of fad diets speaks for itself:

* The Grapefruit Diet

* The Caveman Diet

* The 3 Day Diet

* The Ice Cream Diet

* 7 Day All You Can Eat Diet

* The Chocolate Diet

* The Lazy Zone Diet

* The Lemonade Diet

* The Hollywood Diet

* The One Good Meal Diet

* The Russian Air Force Diet

* Cabbage Soup Diet

And if you thought this list was crazy, some websites even promote the idea of inventing your own fad diet; no nutritional knowledge necessary. That should be your clue to run away as fast as you can.

The reason fad diets don’t work is that they can damage your health and their results don’t last. So let’s dive into the very fundamental basics of weight loss.

The first step of learning healthy ways to lose weight fast is to focus on what you eat. What you eat has a huge impact on weight loss. First, there are calories. Essentially you absolutely must burn more calories than you consume. You normally want to cut about 500 calories per day from your total food intake. That doesn’t mean you should go to the store and buy 100 calorie packs of everything. You should eat a healthy mix of “perimeter foods”. Perimeter foods are those found on the perimeter of the grocery store. Produce, lean protein, yogurt, and whole grains.

Exercise is the next part of your healthy ways to lose weight fast. Many people groan at the sight of the word “exercise.” But let’s review the basics. Exercise helps you burn calories. Cardiovascular exercise is a very important part of your workout. Find a cardiovascular activity you really enjoy, and do it 3-5 days per week. Put your heart and soul into it. Then, strength train 2-3 days per week. Did you know that being more muscular allows the body to burn more calories resting? It’s true. So work cardio and strength training into your schedule. It is advisable that you write it in your planner like any other appointment so that you don’t make excuses to stay home.

Losing weight is hard and involves dedication, hard work, planning ahead, and consistency. Consistency is most people’s point of failure. Remember, you have not failed unless you don’t try again. So keep trying!

Find ways to work out that you enjoy. That will help you stick with it. Find healthy recipes you like using the perimeter aisle. Avoid white carbohydrates and processed food as much as you can. Before you know it, you’ll be dropping pounds if you put this advice to work.

About the author: Brenda Ross is a former radio and television broadcaster who writes about healthy weight loss programs to help you reach your weight loss goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

    what do i do at the gym in order to lose weight fast?
    i want to lift to lose FAST, i’m 15 , male, got belly fat and love handles. i want to lose it all over the remaining summer, new school, i wanna look good. I wanna look slim and cut, kinda like lil wayne, thats my ideal body shape. But, i really need a workout that burns fat fast at the gym. Please gtive me a specific workout. SO, do you think my goal can happen?

    • ANSWER:
      Rower- 10 minutes
      treadmill – 45 mins at 3 incline at 3.5 speed
      cycling-20 mins..
      ab crunches
      lifting weights -1 kgs in beginnig…best way to build muscle..

    How can I lose weight fast?
    I’m 16 and want to lose weight, but not gain muscle. I’m an transsexual and I want a more “skinny/feminine” body shape. I’m overweight and I want to lose fast. I don’t like my body and I want to change it. I don’t want nothing to kill me though, but I’m almost willing to do anything. Please help. Oh, and please don’t leave any ignorant or negative/rude remarks. I’m being serious and I want to change the way I look.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to lose weight, you need to two things: eat less and exercise more. Weight gain happens when you create a calorie surplus (eat more than you burn). Your body takes the excess calories and converts them to fat which get stored around your stomach, arms and thighs. The longer you remain in a calorie surplus, the more weight you’ll gain. To lose that weight, you need to do the opposite. You need to create a calorie deficit (start eating less than you burn).

      Your first step is to figure out how many calories you burn on a daily basis. Use a calorie calculator – The number you get from this tool is what your body burns on a daily basis. To lose weight, simply eat less. It sounds a lot easier than it is but making small changes helps you adjust to a new lifestyle. Don’t think of this as a diet, think of it as a new life. Instead of eating foods high in sugars, white flour and saturated fat, go with fruits, vegetables, whole wheats, fish, lean meats, nuts and beans. In addition to eating less, you also need to exercise more. Start off at 1-2 times per week and work your way up to 3-5 times per week.

      Don’t make all of these changes at once or you won’t be able to properly adjust to them. Generally, eating healthier foods will decrease your calorie intake. Compare a doughnut to an apple and you’ll see that healthy foods are lower in calories. You can find some more information at the Straight Health Forums –

    How can I lose weight really fast?
    Hey i’m havin issues with my weight recently, and I wanna to kno how to lose really fast. I’ve tried evrythin but nothin seems to work for me. Please no one leave comments about ‘u anorexic freak’ or ‘u need help’ because it ain’t like that i just wanna to lose a stone or two is all ok? So yea someone please help I need to lose FAST!

    • ANSWER:
      You can’t lose a lot of weight really fast. It is just not healthy for you to do. But I mean you could lose 14 pounds in 2 weeks if you worked hard enough. Maybe even more than that honestly. I do not know what all you have tried but make sure you cut down on your calorie intake because your body can only burn so many calories a day. If you want you can check out the website in my source as it leads to more info on weight loss. I am not expert but the site should help you out better than I can. I hope it helps!

    How to lose weight fast but healthy ?

    • ANSWER:

Lose Weight - Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Ten Easy Ways to Lose Weight

For many people, to lose weight seems like a heavy toll. In many cases, shedding of fats is a temporary episode followed by a continual regain of lost weight. Many popular slimming programs are unsuccessful because they fail to address the root of the issue. Fortunately, researches uncover many effective strategies that can help increase the chances of weight loss. This article provides ten easy ways to lose weight.

1. Engage in sports. Many people just do not realize how much exercise they get from playing their favorite sports. Every sport burns calories, thus helps lose weight.

2. Eat slowly. It takes a while before the nutrients in the food that you eat enter the bloodstream and reach the nerve areas of your brain. Your appetite is not regulated when you eat at a fast pace.

3. Eat in small amounts. You can minimize the risk of starving yourself and overeating later by eating in small amounts several times daily. Frequent eating encourages the body to burn fat. Whereas if you eat a large meal, you also put large amounts of calories into your system at one time, and those that are not used will be stored as fat.

4. Eat natural. As much as possible, avoid processed and convenient foods as these often contain higher amounts of fat and sodium. Home cooked meals are healthier, and fresh foods such as fruits and veggies are packed with fiber that helps burn fat.

5. Drink plenty of water. Water helps improve metabolism, thus aids in weight loss. It also supports elimination of wastes and toxins that do no good to your body. Most importantly, water helps get rid of fats around certain areas of the body.

6. Do a regular cardiovascular exercise. Also called aerobic exercise, it is a physical activity that raises the heart rate to about 60-85 percent of the maximum. This form of exercise is proven to burn calories at a sustained rate, thus is considered one among the best weight loss exercises.

7. Get enough sleep. People that are sleep-deprived have a lower basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you burn while at rest). Studies show that when you sleep less, you move less, and therefore burn less calories too.

8. Manage stress. Stress is one causative factor for weight gain, thus managing it better is important in keeping a healthy figure. Among the several ways to deal with stress are breathing exercises, yoga, and massages. Keep in mind though that when you are relaxed and well-rested, you keep your body stress-free.

9. Breathe. Oxygen helps burn the fat away. There are many breathing exercises that can boost intake of oxygen and support weight loss.

10. Get physically active. Calories are burned well through physical activities. Stay on the go by sharing in household chores, playing with your kids, or walking your dog.

When all ten easy ways to lose weight are considered, you are on the way to achieving a slimmer and healthier body. Keep in mind though that weight loss does not happen overnight. These ten easy ways to lose weight are more likely to generate your desired result when both patience and determination are present.

About the author: Are you looking for more information regarding lose weight ? Visit today!


Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some easy ways for teens to lose weight?
    I am 15. I have gained some weight. I still dont think that i am fat, but I’m definitely not skinny. I’m almost 5’8″, and my arms are pretty muscular. I live on a farm and i do a lot of work, but my thighs are pretty pudgy. What are some easy ways to lose weight, mainly on my thighs, or at least tone them somewhat?

    • ANSWER:
      1. exercise for 30 minutes every day.
      try jogging or running on the tredmill or join a sport like baseball or soccer.

      2. stop eating/drinking anything with refined sugars or that is processed.
      sugers turn into fat. Sugars actually turn into fat quicker than other foods

      3. drink 64 oz. of water every day (this might be hard, but that is the amount u should aim to get every day)
      When a person is thirsty, the brain sends messages to your throat and stomach. Even though the throat might be trying to tell you that u r thirsty, the signals in the stomach are more noticeable. The stomach makes you feel hungry when you are actually thirsty sometimes. So, when u r hungry, u might be thirsty, so try drinking water first

      4. watch your calories
      aim to only eat about 2500 calories a day. One pound of fat is made up of 3500 calories. If you eat less than 2500 calories a day and only eat about 2000 calories a day. If you do this, you will lose about a pound a week

      To be more specific, you can…

      1. First start by getting up earlier than usual. Around 5:30 AM to do some of you workouts. Getting up early shocks your metabolism because the body needs

      more energy to get going. Right? This will start your system on the road to weight loss. That early start with about 10 minutes of stretching. Have a cup of

      coffee to get the blood going also.

      2. Do all the sit-ups you can. Just do them. 15 or 20 whatever, we don’t have a lot of time to work with. Rest 1 minute repeat, do this for 6 sets. Already

      you are breathing hard and feel worn, because the body is working extra hard at being up earlier and then going right into exercise. If the early morning

      hour lets you get your cardio in, go ahead and do it. 30 minutes.

      3. Diet. Cut all current meal portions in half, just cut them in half, nothing fancy or complicated, CUT IN HALF! Cut out all bread products, all gravies,

      candies, chips, night snacks, etc. If you crave at night eat a banana, other fruit or best a non-fat yogurt. There are some tasty ones out there.

      4. In the evening do another 6 sets of sit-ups maxing out each set. Cardio again. The trick is to stay with getting up earlier. Yes it’s hard, that’s why

      it is so effective. Why do you think the Army gets up so early, it is intense training to the max.

    What are some easy ways to lose weight without exersice?
    Easy ways to lose weight without exerce I will do anything. Throwing up? Quit Eating? Anything else???? Please.

    • ANSWER:
      Low calorie foods; Your trying to achieve a calorie deficit so eat less than you burn

      find out your bmr and figure out how much to cut off

      like If you wanna lose a lb a week, eat 500 calories less a day..etc

      low calorie does not mean starving (that kills your metabolism)

      find healthier filling options

    Easy ways to lose weight after having a baby?
    Ok so i cant really do anything to strenuous because i have asthma and i can’t breath very well when i run or anything like that so what are some easy ways to lose ‘baby’ weight?

    • ANSWER:
      Walking with the baby in the stroller at the mall, at the park, or around the neighborhood. A Wii Fit helps too.

    Easy ways to lose weight that actually work?
    Hi guys, right after winter break I always put on weight!

    My question is, do you guys know of any way to lose stomach weight fast? Workouts/ diets that ACTUALLY work, for example something you’ve done before or know of someone who has done it. I want an easy and simple work out to do, since I’m in high school still.

    Thanks so much for your time and your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Loose wieght with Lil Jack its easy and free

    What are easy ways to lose weight?
    To all the skinny people out there. How do you stay skinny? I am 14 years old, and I was just wondering some easy ways to lose weight.

    • ANSWER:
      become a triathlete.. ever swim? ever bike? ever run? then you already are one. Find a local tri in your area at and sign up for next summer. That will keep you motivated and you will have a reason to stay in shape and skinny.. It has worked for me..Maybe you’ll end up doing a marathon or Ironman someday. I did and never would have dreamed I would be in the wicked shape that I am now at my age. Its great. good luck

    What are some easy ways to lose weight?
    I’m in college, and currently have surpassed the freshman 15 and went on to gain the sophomore 30 or so…with having almost NO time to make anything, what are some easy ways to avoid the drive-thru and eat healthy, and lose some weight?
    I’ve been pretty lazy and today decided to join a gym, so I’ll be working out a couple hours a night about 4times a week I hope. What else can I do to shed the McDonalds dollar menu off?

    • ANSWER:
      -Stay away from Red meats,all red meats!
      -Eat lean meats Like Fish,Tuna,Chicken,Turkey,Ostrich
      -Have a few Carbohydrates a day and good fats like Pasta,Nuts,and natural dried fruit
      -Drink 8 glasses of water a day
      -Drink 1-2 cups of green tea
      -If you do drink coffee,you can have a cup a day or swap it for a 100% cup of fruit juice
      -If you crave food just chew a piece of gum or have a glass of water
      -do 45 minutes of cardio a day,which is fast can burn 400-700 calories a day
      -Do crunches and weights,gets your lower stomach toned and your arms tight!
      -Eat protein! Like fish,egg
      -Have plenty of fruit and vegetables
      -You can have a slice of rye bread a day
      -you can still eat cheese..make sure it is LOW FAT and lean
      -eat high fiber cereals like Special K,Oats and Wheat Bix
      -Eat nice weigh-less soups
      -Eat 1000-1300 calories a day
      -REMEMBER to stay fit and active,swim,dance,sing like theres no tomorrow,just have fun!!

      Try this for a week,you can loose 2-5 pounds a week!

      a bowl of special k (the one with red berries or add some dried fruit to it) and an apple or banana
      Snack: a provita or a piece of fruit
      Lunch: 1 or 2 slices of rye bread,lettuce,chicken or tuna mayonaise,tomato and a slice of cheese
      Dinner: Rice,roast vegetables and any lean meats,even add a desert like a Vitalina yogurt!

      You can choose to have your snack before lunch or before dinner.Please remember your water and exercises!

      a Few tips for exercise to tone up the stomach:
      100 crunches a day
      50 sit ups a day
      15 minute cardio a day

      A few tips to tone up the thighs and love handles:
      15 minute cardio a day
      jump rope
      leg exercises on a leg machine

    What are some good easy ways to lose weight for a teen? and get a tonned tummy?
    Im fifteen and im not fat or over weight but im not super skinny either… so id like to know some easy ways to lose weight for a kid my age, and easy ways to get a tonned stomach :)

    • ANSWER:
      When you are losing weight, you should exercise and diet together.
      If you exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite, which
      will lead to increase of weight, or muscle grow
      underneath the fat layer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without
      exercising, you will become flabby and will have excess skin. For
      diet, go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food
      after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on
      your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If
      you don’t eat wheat then you don’t eat all those sticky, fatty goey
      cakes, you don’t eat junk food, and you don’t eat biscuits. But your
      diet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have to
      calculate points or to buy special meals or plans. For exercising,
      start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the
      most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever. If you are overweight a
      lot, walk first or you may have health complications (heart attack,
      disjointed bones and so on). Weight lifting is a good means to target
      your problem areas for men and women. It’s not necessarily to become a
      bodybuilder or even join a gym – a couple of dumbbells will help you
      to target your problem areas (stomach, butt, legs, arms, chest).

 ... dang how many of huddle posters are that overweight to have man moobs

What is Man Moobs?

Man moobs is the term used for enlarged breast tissue,also known as boobs,and the medical term is Gynecomastia.Not to be confused with well defined muscles that can be achieved by body building,man moobs are soft,seem to be firm and usually droopy,more like women breast.

Having moobs can stop a man taking part in many actions and it can naturally cause to lose the self confidence,or stop him wearing certain clothes.However many people finds man moobs very entertaining because they do not have man moobs,nothing can be further from the reality for a Gynecomastia sufferer.They may have tried many kinds of things to cure man moobs from diet programs to endless workouts,but unfortunetly this does not really work as the case is not onlt because being over weight and the main root cause of Gynecomastia is not discovered yet,however there is a way to treat man moobs without having a surgery.

Gynexin formulation is clinically proven and safe, it comprises of six extremely effective plant based ingredients such as; Chromium, Guggulsterones, Theobromine Cacao, Green Tea Extract, Sclareolides and Caffeine. These work together to quickly and efficiently reduce the greasy tissues found in the mammary glands both in volume and quantity to give you back your manly looking chest. Taking Gynexin is simple. Get one capsule when you get up each day, if possible previous to breakfast and an extra capsule before dinner.

About the author: Chris Low writes extensively on the subject of men health issues. He is the founder of provides large resources and videos about man moobs and its treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best way to get rid of man-boobs (moobs)?
    I am a 15 year old teenager, 161lbs and 6foot 2 inches. I work out for 2 hours(-ish) a night. But I haven’t seen any results. I have been on this regeem for 5/6 weeks: 20 press-ups, 50 reps of 30kg. and benching 25kg for as long as I can…I also go running if the weather is right.
    Can anyone help me? I’m starting to get quite depressed that my moobs aren’t going…And I can’t afford the surgery to remove them.

    (And if anyone has any tips on how to get good abs aswell they wouldn’t go unnoticed :D)

    • ANSWER:
      Is it caused by loose muscle or fat? If it’s loose muscle then surgery wouldn’t help anyway and the weight training is your best bet.

      If it’s fat the main thing that will help is of course to lose the weight. And while the weight training will do a little the cardio is going to be the best exercise for the weight loss.

      Almost everyone has trouble spots that are nearly impossible to lose the weight from. Stick to a healthy eating plan (not a diet) figure out how much you’re really taking in and don’t lie to yourself about it. And don’t beat yourself up if you can’t stick to it 100% of the time. Keep trying and good luck.

    If a man has moobs at what cup size should he start wearing a bra?

    • ANSWER:
      A bra lifts the, uh, “moobs” as you call them, and makes them more noticeable. Men should never wear them, they’re for women only.

    What are some good home exercises I can do to get abs and also get rid of my man moobs?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Kirk,

      You can do stomach exercise like bicycle crunches.By using the arms and legs at the same time you get enhanced work in your stomach muscles, and by twisting you get increased work in your oblique muscles. All parts of your stomach are worked with this one exercise.You can change tempos to change the effect. Moving slowly focuses on developing endurance and will give you a deep burn; whereas, moving quickly will help you develop power and speed.You don’t need any equipment except the floor, and you can even do bicycle crunches on a weight bench in between other exercises.

      And focus at least 90% of your workout time on high intensity combination of full body multi-joint exercises such as variations of deadlifts, squats, lunges, clean & presses, pullups, pushups, dips, bench presses, overhead presses, and upper body rows and pulls. The other 10% or less of your workout time can be dedicated to direct abs training.Focus your “cardio” efforts on shorter duration variable intensity interval training, wind sprints, hill sprints, stair sprints, jump rope, and other higher intensity (and variable intensity) forms of training instead of relying on long duration, steady-pace boring traditional cardio.

      And with your diet, don’t try to be too restrictive on certain macronutrients or go too low on overall calories as this can lead to muscle loss and reduced metabolic rate. Instead, feed your body what it needs to perform optimally and build/maintain lean muscle mass… lots of whole unprocessed foods such as nuts, fruits, veggies, seeds, eggs, organic meats, etc.

      Hope this will going to help you..

    What is the best way to get RID of man moobs? Or flatten you upper chest?
    I am 12 years old

    • ANSWER:
      Seeing as how you’re only 12, you’re body has a lot of growing yet to do. If you’re overweight, that may be partially a cause of it. If you eat lots of prepared foods, there are some that have estrogen-like effects, which can cause breast growth in males.

      I’d try to be on a healthy food regimen, see if that helps first. If that doesn’t help, see your doctor. She/he may be able to help more.

Download Fast Weight Loss at All Freeware (Desktop)

Lose 30 lbs. in 6 Weeks – The Most Effective Online Program to Get Fast Weight Loss Easily & Naturally!

Want to lose 30 lbs. in 6 weeks from today easily, quickly, and keep the pounds off for good? Well, take just 60 seconds out of your day to read this article and learn more about a proven diet system to get fast weight loss 100% naturally, consistently, and very easily!

Now, if you want to lose weight fast, avoid fad diets by any means necessary. Fad dieting such as the low-calorie, low-fat, low carb types of programs will not get you fast weight loss… those plans will cause you yo-yo weight loss! This is because those types of diets will slow down your metabolism!

The best diet I have found to lose 30 lbs. in 6 weeks fast, naturally, & permanently is the calorie shifting diet from Fat Loss 4 Idiots.

About the author: Click to read the full review of the calorie shifting diet from Fat Loss 4 Idiots and get started today!


Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is everyone so preoccupied with fast weight loss?
    Fast is the worst possible way to lose weight. Do people not realize that fast weight loss always comes back? Or do they not care? Or do they not believe it? 10 points best answer.

    • ANSWER:
      How refreshing to see that someone agrees with me and many other health professionals out there. Every day as Dietitians, we battle with people who are trying to loose weight. They want to loose it quickly, we suggest no more than 0.5-1.5 kg per week (1-3 pounds).

      I hope many other people are reading these comments and hopefully learning something. When you drastically cut back calories or eliminate a food group from your diet (i.e carbohydrates) you will get rapid weight loss. In the short term, your muscle will shed the fluid that they naturally hold on to. This initial fluid loss presents are weight loss on the scales and people go yippee!!. however the percentage of actual fat lost is small unless the diet continues for months and months. You also can loose muscle weight on extreme diets and this is the worst thing for your metabolism, which needs muscle to burn the calories you consume so it is indirectly sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

      However most people don’t stick to diets for that long so when it is stopped, they will regain the fluid they have lost (not a bad thing) but also added fat that they may not have had before which is why diets are oftenblamed for making us bigger instead of smaller! Diets also don’t teach you to change your bad habits, or learn new healthy cooking methods etc. You need to get to the bottom of why you are overweight/overeating rather than search for a quick fix.

      When we lose weight sensibly in the amounts I have recommended, you start losing fat straight away and retain your stored fluid and muscle mass. The best way I have found is a diet low in fats i.e 25%, 20% protein and 55% carbohydrates however others may disagree.

      The bottom line is that gaining fat is much easier than losing it and so it should be. So please people, take the time, change your food habits, see a professional Nutritionist or Dietician and learn some patience and perseverence

      best of luck to all

      Angela, Dietitian, Total Body Nutrition

    Can anyone give me any websites to get info on fast weight loss?
    I have been searching for information on this for a while but everytime i’ve read through a few pages they then ask you to pay for information. I just want somewhere to give me an idea of how to promote fast weight loss. I am very active, i exercise 5 days a week sometimes twice and eat healthyly but my weight never changes. i do want to loose some but need help on how.

    • ANSWER:
      With all of the extravagant claims for weight loss products and schemes – whether they have to do with tea or not – a good rule of thumb is buyer beware. With that in mind, however, there is evidence that indicates that tea might play a role in weight loss.

      When it comes to losing weight, one of the simplest ways tea can help is by acting as a substitute for high-calorie sweetened beverages. Freshly brewed tea without milk, sugar or other additives has no calories and even small amounts of these add-ins typically contribute only a modest amount. By comparison, a 16-ounce Starbucks Frappucino may contain as much as 470 calories, while eight ounces of Coca-Cola contains 97 calories.

      Studies also indicate that tea itself may play a role in weight loss. A 2005 study looked at 35 Japanese men over a period of three months. Some subjects were given bottled oolong tea with a green tea extract that contained 690 milligrams of catechins. Others were given oolong tea that contained 22 milligrams of catechins. Though their diets were similar, the former group lost an average of 5.3 pounds, as opposed to the latter’s 2.9 pounds. The men given higher doses of catechins also saw a greater decrease in body mass index, waist size, total body fat and undesirable LDL cholesterol.

      More recently, research conducted at the University of Connecticut over a period of six week, saw both lean and obese mice fed a green tea extract (GTE), in varying amounts. As noted in these pages previously, the study found that the extract might help ward off fatty liver disease. There are also indications that GTE might aid in weight loss as well as lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

      Other research examining possible connections between tea and weight loss include this study from 1999, which investigated whether green tea extract could increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation in humans. Another study, whose results were also published in 1999, examined the alleged anti-obesity action of oolong tea. Yet another study, published in 2000, measured the effectiveness of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) derived from green tea leaves in reducing appetite and contributing to weight loss in rats.

    Can fast weight loss be healthy if done right?
    Fast weight loss is unhealthy because it can slow your metabolism and it will make you start burning muscle (from what I understand so far).

    So my question is, Can fast weight loss be healthy if while cutting your calories you still separate to 5-6 meals a day to keep your metabolism up; While also going to the gym everyday working different muscle groups every other day, while still doing a strong aerobic workout every day?

    • ANSWER:
      Fast weight loss may not be the ideal way, but it does have advantages:
      1. It’s better than remaining overweight.
      2. It may be easier to stick to a short, brutal diet vs slow gradual weight loss.
      3. You may have a deadline for your weight loss.

      The fastest way to lose weight is a protein-sparing modified fast. The best book out there is by Lyle McDonald and is called the Rapid Fat Loss Handbook. There’s a review on my blog.

    When it comes to fast weight loss, does the amount of calories matter more than the amount of fat?
    I’m currently on “calorie restricting diet”, and have been for a week. but I want to know whether calories matter more than the fat count, when it comes to fast weight loss. I’m trying to reach a goal of 4lb loss per week :) any help would be wonderful?

    • ANSWER:
      When it comes to losing weight, calories are all that matters. If I eat a 500 calorie cheeseburger, or 500 calories worth of wheat bread, the body is still going to store it/use it the same way.

    Faster weight loss during a water fast?
    Im over 500 pounds how can i get a faster weight loss during a 7 day water fast. If you have any tips tell me, im on the 2nd day and it seems like i lost nothing.

    • ANSWER:
      Don’t g weighing yourself al the time, it’ll just demotivate you if you haven’t lost what you’ve expected to loose. Just wait till the end of the 7 days fast and then weigh yourself.
      But to answer your question – you are already down to eating nothing, so the only thing left is exercise if you can manage it. I’d go on a walk everyday as it’s relatively low key. I’m not sure what your height it, but at 500lbs I’m guessing that you are pretty overweight, so take it slow, don’t overdo it, just walk as much as you can without exhausting yourself. Time yourself that first day and walk the same amount of time the next day. As you are fasting you might have very little energy soon, so be careful combining that with walking. If you feel dizzy or lightheaded or whatever, just stop.

    What is a good and fast weight loss plan?
    Im 13 years young and im 80 kilos.. i want to lose weight fast before i start year 9. What do you recommend for a quick weight loss.( Its really hard for me to lose weight. I want to be put on jerimine but my mum wont put me on it. And shakes,pills,diets,the gym wont work cos my mum wont ether buy it or wont go with me. )

    • ANSWER:
      try the Lil Jack workout
      and Merry Crhistmas

Simple Steps to Lose Weight, Page 3 of 7 - Associated Content from ...

How Can Whey Protein Enhance Physical Performance?

Whey Protein is the highest quality protein for serious athletes who work hard to develop and sustain a lean, strong, and well defined physique. It is a well known fact that athletes need more protein in their diets than the average person. Their protein intake is almost double that of an average person which is why the protein they choose has to be one of the best.

Whey protein is one of the best choices because it is naturally complete containing all of the essential amino acids necessary for a daily diet. This particular protein provides the ideal nutrition combination to improve composition and enhance athletic performance. Whey protein is a rich source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) containing the highest levels of any natural food source. BCAA’s are important for athletes because they get metabolized directly into muscle tissue and they are the first ones used during physical activity.

Another reason why athletes rely upon whey protein is because it is an excellent source of Leucine. What this particular ingredient does is it stimulates muscle protein synthesis and muscle growth. This is especially important for those individuals interested in body building and strength training. Another reason why whey protein is favored by athletes is because it is fast absorbing. Since the product is fast absorbing it makes it easier to digest which in return equals quick nourishment for the body. And let’s not forget that whey protein has the highest biological value of any known protein. What this means is that the product is naturally complete and all of its attributes get digested just as easily, or perhaps even easier than food. It is no wonder than why a serious athlete relies upon this particular product for majority of his/her protein intake.

About the author: Lauren Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition.
Some of her favorite passions include studying the medicinal benefits of herbal remedies for antidepressants,
diet pills, and hoodia gordonii.


Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the simple steps to lose weight?

    • ANSWER:
      In order to loss weight, you will need to find the root cause on your weight gain. Once you find out the root cause, you will be able to come out a weight loss plan that able to help to reduce your weight.

      Only with a realistic weight loss plan, you will be able to achieve it easily.

      In order to have ideal weight. few things to take note.


      - Try to have plenty of starchy foods such as rice, bread, pasta, potatoes,
      - Aim to have five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables daily
      - Use a moderate amount of dairy prod

      Physical Activity

      Getting active is one of the best ways to lose weight and keep fit. There are all sorts of activities and
      sports that can get you moving and aid weight loss.

      Calories and Weight

      A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week you will need to expend 3500 more calories than you eat that week, whether through increased activity or
      decreased eating or both. Losing 1-2 pounds of fat a week is a sensible goal

      Get your copy of “A Guide To Healthy Living” from…

    Simple steps to losing weight?
    I’m wanting to shed a few pounds, like the rest of us. I’m not overweight by any means, but I wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds. I’ve decided to give up pop, and planning on changing my eating habits. I’m also going to start being more active. What are some simple things I could do to lose a few? As far as my diet and exercise?

    • ANSWER:
      stand more often than sit. use stairs all the time. clean your room, do house chore, move your body more often, drink water more often, take a bath every night. don’t wear lose fit pants.

    What are a few simple steps that will help me to lose weight?
    I am overweight, and my husband and I want to have a baby soon. I would like to lose a little before I get pregnant without killing myself over it. I usually will stick to a good solid plan for about two-three weeks, and then quit. So, I need some simple things to do without seeming like too much. I plan on exercising everyday..which I think is my main problem.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to burn fat and lose weight to become skinner and sexier, then keep on reading this article, because I am going to show you few simple steps to help you achieve your dream body. Please, don’t waste your money and buying useless fat loss pills or machines, promising you to lose fat in a week or so. They just don’t work. Have a look at my proven steps, that will bring you the results you want.


      I would recommend you to eat small meals 5-6 a days, because this way you will keep your metabolism high the whole day. Also when you eat small meals during the day, it’s easier to digest it, and prevent you from overeating. Instead of having 3 huge meals, divide them into few small ones, and you will be able to burn calories easily.


      While dieting is important, you also have to do some intense work outs to increase the whole process of burning fat and losing weight. I would recommend to do running or cycling for about 30 minutes a day. However, I say only 30 minutes, because it has to be very difficult. You can better results when you work hard on a smaller period, rather than long period but less pressure. So 30 minutes of fast running or cycling will give the best results.


      You won’t believe me, but one of the easiest way to lose fat is to drink water everyday. Yes, it’s a normal thing, but some people prefer drinks, such as Coca-Cola or Fanta, but I recommend drinking plain water. Water helps to help your body healthy and also boosts your metabolism. Drinking a lot of water, also prevents you from hunger, and you feel full, not wanting to eat. Drink as much water as you can, and you will see how great it feels.

      Follow my advice above, and I have no doubts, that you will start seeing amazing results very soon. These steps are easy to follow. Don’t be lazy and do everything on a regular basis. I am sure you will get the body you want.

      hope this helps!:)

    I need a plan to lose weight?
    Can someone make a plan for me? like simple everyday steps to losing weight. And what are some foods that are healthy and can help me lose to.
    Im a teenager, i don’t want anyone to be like” oh, your young, you don’t need to lose anything!” Or stuff like that. I DO need to lose weight. Im 14 and over 200. But im also built really big. Like big bones, and broad shoulders. Thanks and i would app. it a lot!

    • ANSWER:
      Two (2).Things
      You need Willpower & Wont power
      Wont eat Junk food
      Wont drink soda’s
      Will Exercise everyday

    Simple way to lose weight?
    I’m 17, 5’9″, 192 lb guy and apparently my ideal weight is somewhere around 130…so what are basic steps for losing weight? preferrably quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      Well basically it’s like a formula… should eat five small healthy meals and do one hour of excersise per day. Now although to lose weight cardio is a big factor you should also incorporate some body weight excersises like pushups or squats, the reason for this is the moremuscle mass the more calories are burned. The five meals tip is because the more often the body gets healthy energy the faster yourmetabolism will be. Last but not least stay away from salts ecspecially if your trying to lose weight (salt retains fatty solubles which are waters)

    i wanna lose my weight?
    i need simple steps to weight lose….any food help to lose my weight

    • ANSWER:
      please do kapalbhati pranayama as advised by baba Ramdev in Aastha channel for 10 minutes daily

    I am looking for some easy, simple baby steps to start losing weight.?

    • ANSWER:
      pick one fattening thing you eat too much of, stop just that and change nothing else

How To Lose Weight Fast | Men Six Pack Abs

How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast

Want to slim down fast for that beach vacation or high school reunion? While there are many things you can do to shed pounds, losing weight too quickly, like any sudden change to your body, can be dangerous. While fad diets, diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss, these methods can cause you to lose muscle and may also injure your heart and other organs fairly quickly. The best solution? Don’t go for an overnight miracle. Instead, follow these steps to lose fat rapidly, healthily, and sustainably.


1. Determine your daily calorie intake . Losing weight is simply a matter of expending more calories than you take in, through exercise and your daily activities. To win the battle, it helps to know how many calories you are consuming in a day.

* Write down all the things you eat on a typical day. Carry a small notebook with you and write down every snack, every drink, and the contents of every meal. There are also great websites that you can use to keep track of calories, get recipes, and help achieve your goal. Don’t forget to include the pats of butter or the spoonful of sugar in your coffee. It’s best to do this for at least a couple weekdays and a weekend; it’s even better if you can go a full week. There are also calorie tracking websites that can help you to do this, for example the US government website, My Pyramid Tracker.

* Do an itemized calorie count. When possible, write down the number of calories in each thing you eat as you eat it. Keep in mind that the recommended serving size is often considerably smaller than the serving you actually eat. Look up the calorie count on the internet for foods that don’t have calories listed on the container or for fast food meals. You don’t have to be 100% accurate, but you do want a good estimate of the number of calories you’re taking in. There is an idea that multiplying your own weight by ten will produce a rough estimate of the number of calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight. This is NOT true, you may wind up grossly under (or perhaps over) estimating the number of calories you should be eating. Use a scientific or health website to determine the number of calories you should eat a day or consult your doctor. Everyone has different metabolisms and there is no blanket rule that covers everyone’s recommended calorie intake. Reducing 500 calories per day from the calories you eat to maintain your weight can help you lose a pound of fat per week.

2. Go over the list and decide which foods to cut out or reduce. Cutting calories is usually a lot easier than you might think. For example, that daily tall latte in the morning may pack 500 calories. Since a pound of flab (lost or gained) is roughly equivalent to 3,500 calories, replacing that rich beverage with black coffee can help you lose a pound a week. Other easy cuts include salad dressing (salad dressing is the number one source of fat in the average American woman’s diet) soda pop, candy, and butter. Look at the nutritional information for the foods you eat, pay special attention to your intake of saturated fats and empty calories (high-sugar foods). You don’t need to cut these things out entirely, but if you reduce your intake of high-fat, high-calorie foods you’ll lose weight faster.

3. Seek out alternatives to the unhealthy foods you’ve identified. You can simply reduce the amount of soda you drink or mayonnaise you put on your sandwiches, or you can substitute healthier choices. Drink water instead of soda, for example, or use mustard instead of mayo. Low-fat and low-calorie options are also available for most foods, and many of these are natural, (although some are made with strange chemicals), and tasty. Start trying to eat healthy in most meals:

* Choose lean meats. Chicken and fish are both very low in fat (and certain fish like salmon, sardines, and fresh tuna are an excellent source of antioxidants, which are also beneficial to your health), so aim to replace some or all of the beef or pork in your diet with these foods.

* Replace high-calorie side dishes with healthier alternatives. Many people get a ton of calories from side dishes such as macaroni and cheese, French fries, or potato salad. You can eat healthier and lose weight by replacing these with fresh vegetables and salads. Pre-made salads are practically effortless, and when accompanied by a reduced-calorie dressing or no dressing at all, they’re weight-loss gold.

* Start your days off right. A fattening breakfast of bacon and eggs or a pastry can be replaced with yogurt, oatmeal, high-fiber, low-sugar cereals; or fresh fruit for fruit smoothies. However, for those on a low carb diet bacon and eggs are a great combo for breakfast, since neither have carbs. But don’t fall into the trap of skipping breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast increases your rest metabolic rate earlier in the day, and reduces snacking before lunch.

4. Plan your meals. Look for healthy, delicious meals online or in your cookbooks, and create a menu for the week. Make sure that your meal plan reduces your total calorie intake: you’re not going to lose weight if you consume the same amount of calories by eating different foods. Make a list of what you’ll need for these meals, and — except for a few snacks, of course — don’t stray from your list when you get to the market. Planning your meals helps ensure you get a balanced diet and reduces the temptation to stop off for fast food or order a pizza. Remember, it’s easier to stick to your shopping list if you shop when you aren’t hungry.

5. Watch your portion sizes. Opening a bag of rice cakes and eating all of them in one sitting isn’t going to help you lose weight. When eating chips, nuts, or dried fruit put a portion in a small bowl and then put the bag away. That way you won’t mindlessly eat a larger portion than you had intended. Even if you only make minimal changes to your diet choices, reducing portion size will inevitably reduce caloric intake. A great way to watch portion sizes while snacking is to buy one serving 100 calorie packages – and they come in many favorite snack food items!

6. Graze on healthy snacks. Just because you’re getting healthy doesn’t mean you can’t snack. In fact, eating small meals and snacks throughout the day, or grazing, has been shown to aid weight loss, (compared to eating three large meals a day), by keeping metabolism steadier. Pick snacks that are low in calories and fat and high in fiber (dried apricots, nuts, rice cakes, fruits, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and so on). Vegetables are generally very low in calories, very high in fiber, and full of flavor and nutrition. Avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, and try to eat vegetables plain, without fatty dressings or dips. Fruit also makes a good snack. Fruit contains more soluble fiber than vegetables, which slows your body’s absorption of carbohydrates, thus releasing energy more slowly, (preventing sugar highs), and keeping you feeling full longer. Fruit juices are not a replacement for the real thing. You need that fiber, and juices often have more calories than the equivalent serving of fruit — as many calories as soda! Be careful with dried fruits, because without the water, you tend to eat more, and fruits, when dried, are calorie-rich per ounce. With any dry or dried food, be sure to drink plenty of water.

7. Get more fiber. There are many myths about fiber, but there is science to back up its helpful role in the diet. Fiber keeps the right amount of water in your intestines, making your digestive system work more efficiently and helping to keep you regular. Thus, just eating enough fiber may help you feel slimmer in just a day or so. There is also evidence that fiber in the diet can help prevent stroke and heart disease, ease the effects of diabetes, and may even directly help in weight loss.

8. Drink plenty of water. Adequate water is essential for health, and a great many people simply don’t get enough. What’s more, if you’re chronically dehydrated, your body will retain water in unflattering places, so if you make sure to get plenty of fluids you can start visibly trimming down in as little as a day. Remember, the more you exercise, the more water you’ll need. See the related wikiHow for more details on how much water you should be getting.

9. Exercise. Remember, you can lose weight either by decreasing your calorie intake or increasing the number of calories you burn. Any health strategy should include both, but if you want to lose weight fast, exercise is essential.

10. Perform high-level aerobic activities. Moderate aerobic workouts incorporating jogging, brisk walking, cycling, aerobic machines, or classes not only burn calories — they also keep your heart healthy. Swimming is also great, especially if you are quite overweight or have joint problems, because you can get the same benefits of running — typically burning even more calories — with much less stress on your joints. Try to get at least 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercise at least three or four days per week.

11. Pump some iron. Resistance training, (weight training), can help both sexes stay lean by building muscle and raising metabolism. The fact is, hours and hours of aerobic exercise won’t help most people lose weight fast because your metabolism drops back to normal fairly quickly after stopping the exercise. If you gain muscle, however, your body’s resting metabolism, (the amount of calories you burn when you’re just sitting still), increases, because muscle requires a lot of calories to maintain. Studies have shown consistent weight training to raise the body’s metabolism by 15%. This means an average woman might burn 200-300 more calories at rest every day! Resistance training is the gift that keeps on giving! Although, keep in mind that muscle mass weighs more than fat (don’t be surprised if you gain weight but look slimmer).

12. Rest properly. This means not only taking at least 24-48 hours between strength training the same muscles, (and taking 1-2 days off from exercising each week); it also means getting enough sleep at night, since sleep deficiency impairs your ability to lose fat.

13. Be realistic. Don’t expect a miracle. Healthy weight loss can be achieved fairly quickly, but you’ll need to be patient. In addition, be sure to set realistic goals. Make sure that the weight you’re trying to reach is a healthy weight for you, and keeping in mind that gaining pounds of muscle will help you lose fat, be trimmer, and look better even though you don’t actually lose any weight. Your goal should be a healthy body, not a number of pounds! Everyone looks good at a different weight. A short person may look really good at about 112 pounds, but a person of a taller height would just look unhealthy. Keep yourself at a weight that makes you look good, not at a number that sounds good.

14. Make adjustments. A successful weight loss strategy based on reducing calorie intake and increasing activity can be adjusted to maintain your desired weight once you reach it. Unlike typical diets, this method is sustainable — it is a lifestyle change, not a binge-and-purge exercise. Slowly adjust your diet and exercise to include more weight training and calories, as much as is comfortable for you. If you do gain any weight back, you want that weight to be lean, toned muscle, not fat. In addition, weight training, no matter what your age, prevents muscle atrophy and can help stave off osteoporosis.

* Instead of thinking of it as losing a certain amount of pounds, think of it as being a certain weight. So if you are 145 pounds, and you would like to lose 10 pounds, think of it as being 135 pounds. This helps you think about it as a long-term goal and not just losing the weight to gain it back again.

15. Be confident. You need to believe in yourself! If you want to diet, and you know that it will make you feel better, then you need confidence. Otherwise, the temptation to cheat on your diet will make it harder, and you will not feel better when you do lose weight. Avoid temptations like chocolate, ice cream, and cookies. They may taste good, but there are other foods that taste delicious, too, without being unhealthy. You need to always encourage yourself to achieve the goals that you have set. Learn to evaluate your efforts fairly and objectively. If you fail to achieve your target for the week, find out why is it so. Is it because you have missed a jogging session? Or you have been eating junk food for one of the days? After evaluating, look ahead to next week and try your best to stick to your plan.

16. Be consistent and disciplined, and have self motivation. To lose weight effectively, you need to stick to your weight loss plan religiously so as to see results. When you have the thought of giving up, visualize how good you will look when you manage to slim down successfully.


* Determine your objectives to lose weight. To succeed in doing something, you need to have a very compelling objective or reason so that you will not lose track of your goal. Losing weight just for vanity’s sake is usually less helpful than losing weight to improve health. Other than just exercising, you need to have a healthy diet so that you will have a better body and more energy to be positive throughout the day.

* It’s very good to do a blood test before you begin your new diet and exercise regimen. Some people may not need to lose a lot of weight, but they may need to lower the blood sugar level slightly. You can also check for mineral deficiencies.

* The goal is to lose fat, not just weight in general. If you are doing strength training during your weight loss (which you should be), you might actually see an initial gain in weight — don’t worry! You have probably lost fat and gained muscle, which is denser than fat and is much healthier.

o A better measurement than what a scale reads is body fat percent. If you don’t have access to calipers or a body fat scale, a better gauge is how your clothes fit and how you look rather than your absolute weight. If you can, though, it is good to measure your body fat about once per month. Men should be between 15%-25%, but no lower than 4%; and women 20%-30%, but no lower than 15%. Females have higher fat percentage due to pregnancy and menstrual requirements.

o Generally, you want to – with a combination of calorie reduction and increased activity – reduce and burn a certain number of calories a day, causing a net loss of calories so your body is forced to use its own stores of fat. How much aerobic exercise you need to perform depends on what you eat, how fast you’d like to lose weight, and how much muscle you gain. A pound of fat contains 3500 calories. Men can safely lose around two pounds a week, and women can safely lose around one pound a week. Any more than this and you might be losing more muscle mass than fat. Thus, with a combination of calorie restriction and aerobic exercise, a man should aim to run a 3500-7000 calorie deficit each week, and women should aim for a 1750-3500 calorie deficit.

* With regard to weights, men and women differ on their goals with weight training. Women, don’t worry, no amount of weight training will make you as bulky as a man; women just don’t have enough testosterone to build large muscles. The female body-builders you see are either taking steroids or training 2-3 hours every day. Male and female beginners should start with 3 sets of 8-12 repetitions, and should use the heaviest weight you can while still maintaining good form, even to the last repetition of the last set. Get a weight training book or find a reputable website that will show you different exercises and the correct form. When lifting properly, you will stretch the muscle during the exercise, but you should still stretch properly to prevent injury!

* No matter what the magazine article says, spot improving is a myth! When your body burns fat, it takes it from all over your body, even if all you do are crunches. No amount of crunches will get rid of that gut if they are not backed up by proper aerobic exercise and diet! Washboard abs do not come from millions of sit ups; they come from having low levels of body fat. So if that is your goal, make sure you do plenty of aerobic exercise in addition to your ab routine.

* Sugar comes in many disguises. Check your food labels: fructose, glucose, molasses, and corn syrup are all sugars. Limit all sugars, but especially stay away from high-fructose corn syrup. It is just a corn syrup full of sugar. Choosing foods without it will help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

* Remember your body needs ‘fuel’ just like a car needs ‘fuel’. Your body needs the ‘right’ kinds of food to lose weight effectively.

* Don’t taunt yourself by not letting yourself eat the occasional snack that you’re craving. Just make sure you burn it off later with exercise.

* Despite popular belief it is not terrible to eat after 6 p.m. A reasonable dinner (with extra protein if you’ve had a good weight training session) is going to help deliver nutrients to the body to prepare it for the next day. Additionally if you find yourself very hungry before bed, a small bowl of high fiber cereal and low fat milk will actually help maintain your metabolism while you sleep. The key is to not overeat in the evenings.

* Take a multivitamin. While it is better to always get your nutrients from your food, most people miss something in their diet, especially when they’re trying to cut calories. Vitamins and minerals play an important role in keeping your body chemistry balanced and your energy levels healthy.

* If you find yourself missing some of your favorite foods, don’t worry. There is no harm in having your treat once a week. Pick a day each week where you treat yourself to your guilty pleasure–remember, everything in moderation. If it’s pizza, try going to a gourmet pizza place that will use better ingredients and fresher vegetables. If it’s a Big Mac, try making your own. A homemade burger is generally much healthier than the food they serve in fast food restaurants. Electric grills that are slanted to allow most of the fat to slide off make nice, lean burgers.

* Save some calories for potassium and protein for after you work out, this will help reduce soreness. (A banana and an egg does the trick.)

* Do not forget to stretch. Stretching can help increase your strength and flexibility.

* Cut down on your sodium. Many prepared foods have as much as 30% of your daily value. You get your daily requirement of sodium from a healthy diet; too much can cause you to retain water weight.

* Try not to skip any meals as this only makes your body to retain fats for energy. A good weight loss plan is to eat healthily and exercise regularly.

* To continue to lose weight fast[4] – eat a variety of foods. Just like in weight training, the body will get used to the same routine and plateau. Mix up the foods you eat to keep your metabolism high and prevent a metabolism plateau.

* Also consider taking supplements like the Acai Berry. These are natural berry juices proven to speed up the weight-loss process with up to 78%.


* Do not try to starve yourself. In the short run, reducing your calorie intake to unhealthily low levels will slow metabolism and actually cause you to lose weight more slowly. Then your body cannot process potassium so when you DO eat again, (the alternative to dying,) you will gain much more weight than you would if you weren’t starving yourself and overall, you may end up gaining more than you lost. In the long run, starving yourself (anorexia or bulimia) can kill you.

* When creating a weight lifting routine, do not focus on a single muscle or group, doing so will overbuild that muscle while under building others – in other words, if you work your biceps, and not your triceps, your arms will begin to curl inward and you will look silly. If you work your chest and not your back, you will have a hard time maintaining good posture as your pectoral muscles overpower your back muscles and pull your shoulders forward.

* If you have a serious medical condition (such as asthma or diabetes, or allergy to protein such as dairy products or you have lactose intolerance) or you are severely obese, consult with your doctor as well as a dietitian.
* Do not take any harmful drugs. They are unhealthy and may ultimately make you gain weight instead.

* Carefully consider whether you need dietary supplements. Most people may get the basic minerals and nutrients they need to sustain life through eating food. For example, excessive multivitamin supplements can make you overdose in some vitamins you need, and you can’t store most water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C as any excess will be urinated. Although you could be below the recommended daily intake, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are deficient in it if it’s a kind that is stored. So you may wish to consult with your doctor or dietitian to inquire whether you need supplements and how much you should take.

* Losing weight too quickly is dangerous and can have adverse effects on your health. Despite the title of this article, getting into shape is best done slowly. If you find yourself losing more than a pound or 2 (or more than 500g) each week, you are probably doing something wrong.

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